20" Knife Edge Gate Valves

20" Knife Edge Gate Valves Manufacturer

As being well known manufacturer and exporter of the all kinds of valves, we offer 20" knife edge gate valves to cater various industrial applications. Generally it is used to prevent unrestricted flow of the medium. It is used for the water and non-corrosive fluids. It efficiently works at the range of temperature from -20°c to 150°c. It is available with soft seal and different configurations as per applications. It can be also used for the saturated vapor.

For the corrosion resistant applications, cast corrosion resistant steel is used as the material of construction. Stem is provided with stainless steel construction or as required material. Replaceable seat can be provided with metal-to-metal and other suitable options. Multi layer gland packing is available with many options and selected as per applications.

Our range includes standard size valves, but we welcome custom design inquiry.

Features of 20" Knife Edge Gate Valves

  • Compact design
  • Highly durable
  • Effective function
  • Sturdy construction

Applications of 20" Knife Edge Gate Valves

  • Water system
  • Waste water system
  • Paper and pulp