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Insights Into Us

We focus on loyal customer base across the world. Our devoted and unswerving work has helped us to uphold best quality standard of our products and export it to many countries. Our honest efforts to put forward high quality products with industry leading prices make our global presence, too effectual. We have extended our wings to many Gulf and African countries. We have also developed our net-work in different countries like Malaysia, Indonesia. We have also our business associates in gulf countries.

We have long history of exporting comprehensive range of Knife Edge Gate Valve to different locations. We also want to expand our trade to other key locations like India, Gulf, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Africa.

We cater diversity of industries with our products. We hold the long list of our satisfied clients from different industries like paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, glass, sugar, mining and construction, cement and many more

Knife Edge Gate Valves Exporter

We feel proud to share the achievement of Process Equipment Corporation. We have successfully installed diverse kinds of Knife Edge Gate Valves to many different fragments of the industries. Being an ISO-9001-2008 certified company, Process Equipment Corporation is tagged as one of the top most company manufacturing, supplying and exporting Knife edge gate valves. We have developed massive range of the Knife edge gate valves. With rich experience of about three decades, we have a large inventory of Knife edge gate valves.

Our qualitative products are the luminous coordination of planned efforts of different departments like management, fabrication and quality control. We have adopted latest fabrication technology and ultra modern software to provide most beneficial output.

Each model of Knife Edge Gate Valve is delivered with customary status for fine quality engineering and reliability. Spectrum of expertise is seen in the designing and fabrication of challenging solutions. We feel proud to having lots of successful installments of Knife Edge Gate Valve across the world.

Our engineering proficiency is shown in the various strategies of maintenance and durability of the products. We do care for our applied technology and pay attention on aftermarket services as well as specific requirements.



We deliver perfect engineering solutions as a knife gate edge valves. This great qualitative output and our global reputation is result of the best coordinated team work at process Equipment Corporation.



Developing greater product range adhering to global standards and excelling customer satisfaction and striving to surpass them.