Advantages of Knife Edge Gate Valve

Perks of having our Knife Edge Gate Valves

Originally, Knife Edge Gate Valves are designed to help paper and pulp industries. Abrasive pulp interrupts the flow and gets imposed between the wedge and seat of the valve. By repeated operations, the pulp blocks the space and leads the flow shut off. So the knife gate valves are designed with a sharp edge to solve the blocking flow puzzle. The sharp edges of valves effectively cut through the pulp. It is started to use in different applications like ash, slurry, and molasses to provide unobstructed flow. It is efficiently help the system to continue.

The Knife Edge Gate Valves are available with cost-effective ranges. To install and actuate the valve is also too simple. Unidirectional valves provide proper shut-off in both directions.

Our knife edge gate valves contain replaceable seat ring. It helps to extend working life of the valves. Resilient seat can be easily replaced without dismantling valve completely.

Knife Edge Gate Valves ensures tight shut-off even for the thick or high viscous liquids. Zero leakage of gland portion can be possible by using suitable packing material. For the high temperature applications PTFE impregnated asbestos can be used. Other options of gland packing materials for high temperature are graphite asbestos and pure PTFE. For the food processing, food grade packing materials can be used.

Avantages of Knife Edge Gate Vave

  • positive sealing
  • allow the unobstructed flow of the medium
  • efficiently works in challenging conditions
  • replaceable elastomer cartridge seats for sealing
  • bubble tight shut-off
  • zero leakage
  • helpful also with high density fluids
  • effective abrasive applications
  • for seat replacement, dismantle valve in not necessary
  • high temperature applications
  • corrosive applications
  • food processing applications